One for your ‘Bucket List’

Russia – this has to be put on your bucket list. If you love history, romance, architecture and culture then Russia (especially Moscow and St Petersburg) does not disappoint.

St Petersburg with its ‘palace’ lined streets and epic beauty in terms of architecture, I couldn’t help but marvel at the buildings as we strolled around. The canals throughout the city also provide a really romantic setting – you can definitely understand why it’s called ‘Venice of the North’. St Petersburg oozes old world charm, and you can understand why it’s a firm favourite with the leisure travellers. Why not enjoy a romantic weekend away – it will leave you in awe! We got to experience a local opera too. The opera house was beautiful, ornate and breath-taking inside. It’s also wonderful to see how entire families (kids, parents, grandparents) all make an outing of it. It’s in their blood for sure!


Moscow itself is no let down – offering the old with the new. Money, money, money – I hear the jingle from ‘The Apprentice’… when in Moscow you really get to understand the power Russia has. Everything is 1st world and state of the art. But that doesn’t detract from the historical side. There is always something around a corner – and we got to experience the local Moscow city life on one of the nights. Probably the only Europeans in the club but what a treat – getting to enjoy local dance music, as well as interact with the local Muscovites!


Moscow is Grand – the sheer size of some of the sights – the Bolshoi Theatre, The Kremlin (Red Square) – these are imposing structures and simply take your breath away. Moscow at night is the way to experience the city, all the buildings are lit up which totally adds to its magic.


We also got to see what rural Russia is about. On the Sapsan Express between Moscow & St Petersburg you get to see what it’s like to live in the more isolated parts of Russia. Old wood cabins, snow covered land, iced over lakes etc. I was just happy being in my temperature controlled cabin flying past at over 200kmph!

Will I be back – you bet your life I will. Next stop Mongolia (Trans Mongolian Express)! Watch this space…

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